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PROJECT: Matthew R . Morris

A Writers Blog

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Matthew R. Morris is a writer, speaker, and elementary educator in Toronto. He has an M.A. in Social Justice Education from OISE at the University of Toronto and is the author of the forthcoming book, Black Boys Like Me.


We were approached by a dear friend of his, who also managed the project to re-design his website. Our initial consultation revealed that he wanted to highlight the blog more, refine the design to meet today’s standards, as well as provide a better user experience for his readers
lo-fi wireframe
half screenshot matthew morris


We transformed his existing WordPress site to a fresh new, sleek and minimalist design that showcased the blog in a clean but positive light. We implemented a custom sidebar and design on his blog that allowed for easy navigation by readers and we were able to help tell his own personal story a little bit more.


The first step of the process was to create a sitemap that allowed them to visually know where sections, CMS elements, and Call-To-Actions would be placed in relation to each page of the site. We next moved to a Lo-Fidelity wireframe which focused more on the structure and where each of the elements are. Once the Hi-Fidelity wireframe was ready and approved we were able to move to development. This is where the fun began. The next step of the process was to resolve the “Not Secure” warning due to the site not having an active SSL certificate. This alone can allow for more traffic to his site due to browsers knowing that his site is secure and helps with future plans he has for the site. We created a complete custom Blog Page and Sidebar which highlights the most recent blog post at the top of the page using dynamic content.


(Cintron, Revised)

The goal of this website project was to create an identity for a new brand as well as create a fresh and modern website where clients can book services and explore helpful resources.

The Booking Coach

This project was to show our potential clients how a site for a service provider can look. We took inspiration from other sites and used that to create our own design. We came up with a rather simple but intuitive design that provides everything a service provider would need to present to their target audience.


My goal with this project was to show my potential clients how a personal blog can look. I took the most common features of a personal blog and created my own design. I paid close attention to details and made sure that all the colours, fonts and backgrounds matched each other.

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