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PROJECT: The Booking Coach

A Service Provider

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This is a concept project, to show clients what we can produce. That means that this website wasn’t created by a request, but just with imagination.


This project was to show our potential clients how a site for a service provider can look. We took the most common features and created our own design. We paid close attention to details and made sure that all the colors, fonts, and backgrounds matched each other.
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We developed a site that could help take a service provider to the next level. We focused on a cohesive website experience with an emphasis on visual design, inclusion to develop a beautiful contrast of colors, compliant design, and a website refresh to match any service provider’s new branding.


We started with designing the “Work With Me” Page. We wanted to use that to not only help tell a story but have the end user feel like they would be making a sound, informed decision by the time they were done reading and ready to book. The idea behind the design was to have it act as a landing page if that is what the provider would want. We were also able to create a complete custom Blog Page and Sidebar which highlights the most recent blog post at the top of the page using dynamic content.


(Cintron, Revised)

The goal of this website project was to create an identity for a new brand as well as create a fresh and modern website where clients can book services and explore helpful resources.


My goal with this project was to show my potential clients how a personal blog can look. I took the most common features of a personal blog and created my own design. I paid close attention to details and made sure that all the colours, fonts and backgrounds matched each other.

Matthew R . Morris

Matthew is a writer from Toronto whose writing focuses on the intersection of race, Black masculinity, hip-hop culture, and education. We helped transform his blog into a true showcase of his writing talent. 

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